The National Day of Communication 2017 is organised by a committee consisting of 6 members and 2 board representatives from S.v. Communiqué. The committee is taking care of everything so that the congress will be great. The members are listed down below! Click on a name to open his/her tab.

ArnoudtHey, how are you? I am currently helping to organize The National Day of Communication. Do you have any suggestions on who we MUST invite to this day”? For the past months, this is how my conversations usually started.

My name is Arnoudt and my main responsibility within the committee is to ensure an interesting program of speakers for the 17th of May. I also chair the meetings. Several years ago I took a break from studying in order to work. Recently, I decided to finish my master Public Administration for which I now write my thesis. Since September, I also started the master Communication Science, which I hope to finish before this summer. For the municipality in Oldenzaal I work part-time to help develop monitoring systems for the social domain.

If you know a speaker that absolutely has to be present, feel free to contact me or fill in our contact form! 😉 I’m looking forward to meeting you all on the 17th of May!

PimHello! My name is Pim Vriens, I am 20 years old and a second year Communication Science student in Enschede! I am the secretary of the NDC committee, which means I take care of the minutes of the meetings, and I will be responsible for a script of the symposium on the 17th of May.

I think we have a very nice committee in which everyone contributes to a great symposium. Because of the big diversity in ages, course years and backgrounds, we are a complete committee. We have our weekly meetings on Wednesday, in which we discuss the progress of the workgroups and evaluate the action points of the previous meetings. I think these meetings are very valuable for having a good-working committee. We work in different workgroups, but discuss everything with the committee, so that we end up with the best speakers!

I hope to receive a message with your ticket-reservation soon!

BartHi all! My name is Bart Smulders and I’m currently 22 years old. At this moment, I’m in the middle of my fulltime board year of study association Communiqué. Because of the fact I’m a member of the Board, together with Marloes, I’m responsible for the communication between the board of the association and the committee.
Next to being one of the board representatives, I’m also responsible for keeping an eye on the financial situation. This means I’ve set up the budget plan of the NDC and will keep track on the moneyflow during the preparations. Also, together with some of the members, I’ll look for possible sponsors.

I am looking forward to welcome a lot of visitors, so block 17 May 2017 for other things in your agenda and I’ll see you on the University of Twente!

VishuHi everyone! My name is Vishu Teotia, I am from India and currently doing my pre-master in Communication Studies at the UT. With the start of my study, I joined our study association Communiqué. For me, it was the best way to put the theories into practice. I hope to learn a great deal from the mistakes I didn’t makeJ.

In the committee, I take care of the Programme along with Arnoudt. My role is to identify and contact speakers from the academic and non-academic field and invite them to give lectures and workshops at NDC2017. I have to find people from diverse backgrounds and make this symposium super interesting for students and speakers alike.

This is my first event at the University of Twente and I am giving my best to make it a memorable one.  I am looking forward to see you guys at NDC2017!

CarlijntijdelijkHey guys! I’m Carlijn, 22 years old and born and raised in Hengelo. I’m, like Jelle and Pim, a second-years Communication Science student at the University of Twente in Enschede. Besides of being really busy with studying, ahem, I’m an active member at our study association Communiqué. I also play volleyball and I like to spend time with my friends.

In the committee, I’m responsible for the logistics together with Sylvana. This function means that we have to arrange the location for the event, a delicious lunch (yes, it’s going to be delicious, trust me) and beamers and other electronic equipment which we need that day. We also design the program book together with Jelle.

We do a lot of effort to organize a wonderful symposium, with inspiring lectures and workshops. So hopefully we see you at the 17th of May at the National Day of Communication!

SylvanaHi everyone! My name is Sylvana Louwes and I’m currently 22 years old. I’m doing my Master’s in Communication Science right now, which I started after I completed my Bachelor’s in Psychology. Also, I’m an active member of our study association Communiqué.

My main responsibility in the committee is taking care of the logistics, together with Carlijn. Our tasks are for example arranging the location of the event and the electronic equipment for that day, and the design of the programme booklet. We also arrange a nice lunch during the event and a drink afterwards, so besides interesting workshops and lectures there is enough reason to join us on this day!

We have an enthusiastic committee and each one of us is looking forward to the National Day of Communication, so I hope to see you all on the 17th of May at our symposium!

JelleHi there! My name is Jelle Scholten. I’m a 20 year old second-years Communication Science student at the University of Twente and an active member at Communiqué. I’m from Hengelo, a city close to Enschede.

Within the committee, I am the commissioner of promotion. This simply means that I am handling the promotion of the NDC2017. My tasks for instance consist of maintaining the website and the Facebook page. I also need to take care of the ticket sales and designing flyers, posters, tickets, banners, etc. Besides this, I will be Snapchatting during the whole day itself. In short: if something has to do with promotion, I’m probably the one who arranged it or is still doing it!

I hope to see you all on May 17th during the National Day of Communication 2017 in Enschede!

MarloesMy name is Marloes Korte. I am a third years Communication Science student and currently the secretary of study association Communiqué. I am Board Representative for the National Day of Communication Committee and I support the committee members when needed. Furthermore, I am responsible for the contact with the other study associations for Communication Science in the Netherlands.

The committee is working hard to organize a great day full of inspiring lectures and workshops. I think May 17th will be an impressive day where we can look back at with a proud feeling!